SuperFriend launches digital learning platform – MySuperFriend

 SuperFriend, the national workplace mental health and wellbeing organisation, has launched a new online learning platform – MySuperFriend – as COVID-19 accelerates the shift to digital learning and increased need for mental health support.

MySuperFriend changes the way all Australian workplaces can help their staff build mental health and wellbeing competency. It provides a fresh, digital experience through interactive learning modules that can be blended with live (in person or virtual) facilitated workshops to embed learnings.

Margo Lydon, Chief Executive Officer of SuperFriend said: “It is really exciting to deliver on this clearly articulated need from our partners and respond with a solution that significantly benefits their staff and customers. MySuperFriend also makes our mental health and wellbeing training far more accessible to the employers they work with, and Australian workplaces more broadly, at low cost. It’s a huge extension of our digital capacity and uplift in the value and impact we are able to deliver, especially in these challenging times.”

New learning experiences – to benefit everyone

MySuperFriend will deliver online learning content in short modules, with the initial rollout structured into four courses, suitable for learners in different roles:

  • Workplace Mental Health Essentials for All Staff (5 modules + optional workshop)
  • Workplace Mental Health Essentials for People Leaders (5 modules + optional workshop)
  • Positive Interactions for Contact Centre Staff (2 modules + optional workshop)
  • Communication Strategies for Claims Managers (2 modules + optional workshop)

The platform also includes additional resources including articles, tip sheets and videos for learners.

The content roadmap is extensive, with SuperFriend planning to add new modules and courses regularly to help staff build competencies in new areas, and strengthen existing ones. Extending the MySuperFriend training suite will also create a pathway for organisations to tailor solutions in line with their mental health and wellbeing strategies by “building their own” courses.

Supporting healthy workplaces in COVID-19

MySuperFriend comes at a time of need and further extends on SuperFriend’s capacity to support its partners digitally while social distancing measures continue to be in effect.

“Now more than ever, strong and supportive leadership is crucial within Australian workplaces. Maintaining a positive, healthy and safe working environment is particularly challenging in these uncertain times, it’s critical to provide appropriate training and strengths-based coaching to team leaders around mental health.”

A free mental health tool to share with friends, family, community and colleagues

In response to some of the mental health challenges presented by the pandemic, SuperFriend also has released a short, free, online learning module that is available for any individual to use to help them understand and manage their own mental health during this time. Entirely confidential, this interactive module asks a number of questions to help you assess your current balance, and helps you create a personalised action plan to improve or maintain your wellbeing.