Start the new year with your best foot forward at the Melbourne Executive PA Summit

Start the new year with your best foot forward at the Melbourne Executive PA Summit. We are bringing some of the best career experts together for a single day that’s jam packed with presentations and seminars designed specifically for EAs.

On 4 February at Melbourne Museum, the Executive PA Summit will host an intimate group of 40 EAs to network with other EAs, engage in tailored meetings with industry experts and develop their skills. Positions are filling up quickly as EAs are locking the event into next year’s calendar. Book your spot today and our team will get back to you before the end of the week so you can set the date into your calendar before the Christmas break.

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Here’s just a few of the speakers that we’ve got lined up for the Melbourne Executive PA Summit.

Steuart Snooks will revolutionise the way you use email. With his specifically designed presentation for EAs, Steuart outlines how you can cut away all the needless time spent trawling through your inbox and focus on the jobs that really matter. For the past year Steuart has been developing this presentation for our readers, and has now expanded it into a dedicated day-long learning session at the Executive PA Masterclass (which rolls out nationally next year).

Nigel Collin will change the way you look at your career. His unique perspective on success has helped professionals from all industries make their career goals a reality. His ‘Game of Inches’ philosophy has been adopted by businesses across the country, with Nigel presenting for companies like IBM, Commonwealth Bank, Pfizer, Honda, HP and Samsung.

Julian Mather will add a skill to your resume that you can bet other EAs don’t. His 20 year long career as a cameraman for the ABC, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel has taken him to some of the most exotic places on the planet to capture and share them with the people at home. Now, Julian describes himself as a ‘reformed’ videographer, and with the humble smartphone he has developed a whole set of tools for EAs to produce world-class video without the professional gear. Julian first presented to a group of our audience at the Sydney Executive PA Summit in 2019, and now he’s returning to Melbourne to share his video tips, tricks and talents with our Victorian EAs.

To see Julian, Nigel, Steuart and a number of other world-class professional development seminars, apply to attend the Melbourne Executive PA Summit. But be quick, positions are filling up.

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