Spicers Retreats unveil green leaf

Spicers Retreats reaffirms commitment to sustainability

Spicers Retreats have recently announced a change to their brand logo. The new bright green leaf on the Spicers’ signature star anise symbolises their commitment to the environment and promoting sustainability. The company currently has a goal to have zero net waste and zero emissions by 2030 and are striving to “be the change [they] want to see”.

With their properties surrounded by a natural landscape and thriving in the environment they’re built on, Spicers have always felt a responsibility to promote sustainability and give back to the earth on which it was built. This green leaf is to remind them of their commitment to the planet, its people and the future.

Spicers have always been proactive about sustainability and are responsible for many initiatives like reducing waste on in-room amenities, recycling electronics through Substation33, no plastic straws, recycling all general waste the retreats generate, sourcing produce locally to reduce their carbon footprint and food mileage, and partnering with Glossy Black Coffee to raise awareness and protect the habitat and breeding grounds of the rare Glossy Black Cockatoo. The brand has also supported larger initiatives such as the Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre and a hydrogen energy trial at their eco camps.

Spicers Retreats Managing Director David Assef says, “I could not be prouder leading an organisation that has social awareness and understands the importance of being sustainable as what we do now will make the difference for others in the future. As we say at Spicers ‘our gold is green.”

As EAs begin to plan corporate retreats, meetings, and events this year it’s important to know the integrity of the brands you’re working with and their wider goals and values.