Smaller workforces post COVID with more people working from home

The recent Executive PA Media “Business Recovery Report” report contains the findings of the first of three surveys, asking executive assistants about some of the key challenges you faced during COVID, and how you and your executives are overcoming them and managing the return to the workplace.

Executive assistants (EAs) from all types of organisations were surveyed and the responses to nearly all questions from across the board were similar. However, when asked “After the lock-down, will there be more people working from home in your organisation”, the overall total was 76% but when only corporate responses were counted the total jumped up to 82% – a twelve percent increase. This is possibly because of pressure on directors of for-profit businesses to balance the books as quickly as possible, and the savings to be made by not having people working from the office.

Workforces will be smaller

Nearly four in ten of all organisations (39%) are likely to have fewer staff as a result of COVID 19, and nearly 7 out of ten organisations will either reconfigure their office layout or relocate.

The full report contains more insights from the executive assistants who took part, together with supporting charts and comments. Download your copy here