Should you take the job just because it pays more?

It sounds like the ideal job seeking scenario: you receive an offer for a job that pays a higher salary than what you currently earn. On the face of it, the choice seems obvious – go where the money is. But is this decision really that clear cut?

The answer is rarely yes. There are many other key considerations you need to take into account, starting with whether the role will provide you with the career progression you want and need. This new move may offer more money right now, but this is counter-intuitive if you are still going to be doing the same job, earning the same salary, with the exact same set of skills, a few years down the line. Given how quickly technology changes, you need to ensure a new job will keep your skills fresh.

Secondly, are you passionate about the organisation’s values and purpose? A pay rise may be enough to lure you initially, but in order to feel engaged in the long-term, you need to feel passionate about your employer’s vision and purpose, and how your role plays into that. Ask yourself honestly, do you really feel interested in what this new organisation does?

Finally, do you think you will be happy in this role? While you won’t know for certain until you are a few weeks into a new job, certain red flags or, on the contrary, green lights can give you a good indication. For example, perhaps you were uncertain about your potential new executive during the interview or were secretly hoping you wouldn’t get the job. On the other hand, maybe your interview experience only reaffirmed that you can really picture yourself working for this organisation and with the executive you met.

Whatever you decide, don’t just be tempted by the relatively short-term lure of more money. Take a step back and think about whether this role will offer the progression opportunities, sense of purpose, and overall workplace wellbeing that you want.