Say thanks with a gift that makes a difference to your team

The end of the financial year is fast approaching, and while businesses and employees continue to adjust to their new workplace policies and routines, it’s a great time to say thanks and recognise your employees for their hard work over the last year. With Uber gift cards you can reward and show appreciation to employees and customers with the gift of choice on either Uber Eats or Rides.

Employee appreciation meals may have changed due to COVID-19, but there’s no reason that businesses can’t still use food as a thoughtful initiative to say thank you. Gifting food to employees gives staff the opportunity to pick and choose according to their tastes, no matter where they are.

The benefits from a corporate perspective are also ticked off the list– Uber gift cards are easier to budget for, and quick and simple to distribute among teams. Executive EAs no longer have to struggle to find various solutions, by choosing Uber gift cards you can easily distribute them and send via your preferred channel whether that be via SMS or email.

In a recent case study with Uber for Business, Coca-Cola, were looking for a way to recognise their teams’ adjustments and roles, and wanted to show their employees, especially frontline workers, how much they appreciated all their hard work through COVID-19. The idea of giving gift cards for Uber Eats came up, and they soon realised it would have the not only added benefit of supporting restaurants and local economies during this time but helped with boosting morale across their teams.

Uber gift cards are a simple, and secure way to say thanks to those who matter most to your organisation. Sound like something your employees would appreciate? Purchase your Uber gift cards today.