Review: Leadership Hacks by Scott Stein

A leadership hack is anything that helps you accomplish more in less time, and as a busy EA I will do whatever is in my power to do precisely that. Leaderships Hacks has an easy to read style throughout, provides many takeaway moments including “hacks” and the author ensures it remains relatable from start to finish.

Scott Stein describes the “ultimate hack” involves three main critical keys: Mindset, Approach and Impact.  He has observed that when leaders get their mindset, approach and impact in perfect alignment, amazing things begin to happen. The book is separated into three sections – Personal Hacks, One-on-One Hacks and, Team Hacks.

Before you begin the next chapter there is a two-page summary of the hacks covered within that chapter. These hack summaries are my favourite part of the book, and they’re on black paper so when you get to work the next day it’s easy to find the hacks you’re looking for!

Leadership Hacks is for any person in a leadership role, as well EAs and PAs. I include EAs and PAs because even though we don’t manage a team ourselves, we manage leaders, and to be effective we must understand how they think and how to optimise their time. Although at times I did not feel as I was the intended audience, reading this book has enabled me to have a fresh perspective to better manage my CEO and Executive Team.

Our Reviewer:

Candice Golding is an EA at Dr Jones & Partners Medical Imaging