Report: EA pay rises will fall short this year

The Hays Salary Guide (a report based upon a survey of more than 3400 organisations) says more EAs can look forward to a pay rise in their coming review, with 90 percent of employers increasing their office support salaries.

However, the pay bump will fall short of expectations. It’s predicted that two-thirds of employers will increase salaries by three percent or less, and fewer than four percent of employers will give their EAs and support professionals more than a six percent raise.

According to the report, EAs and other support professionals view a pay rise as their top career priority. Negotiating a higher salary, and even re-entering the job market are expected to be commonplace this coming financial year. Alex Jones, Regional Director of Hays Office Support, said the stagnating salaries will frustrate professionals looking for a pay rise, and result in a ‘tug of war’ over salaries.

“On the one hand, we have professionals telling us they’ve prioritised a pay rise and are prepared to enter the job market to improve their earnings. On the other, employers tell us they want to add to their headcount and are being impacted by skill shortages, yet they plan to curtail salary increases,” Mr Jones said.

But it’s not all bad news according to Mr Jones, as pay increases are predicted for those with experience or who are willing to look to the regions for work.

“Employers in certain locations, notably Western Australia and Queensland, have also increased salaries for experienced candidates. Whether other states follow suit remains to be seen. We’ve also seen salary growth in regional locations as organisations attempt to attract skills in short supply from major cities,” Mr Jones said.