PA salaries on the up

Salary Arrow Shows Pay Rise For Workers

Good news – your wage could increase this year as employers look to support sustainable growth. The 2017 Robert Walters Global Salary Survey has revealed that PAs will see the strongest salary growth of all business support professionals in 2017, with a rise of 10% year-on-year.

Nick Allwood, manager at Robert Walters, says: “A shortage of highly skilled and experienced PAs has seen salaries for these professionals rise ahead of other roles. As employers compete to secure to calibre candidates for PA positions, salaries are increasingly accordingly.”

“The fact that demand remains high for support staff and that businesses are prepared to compete to secure top talent is an encouraging sign that firms are for steady growth in 2017, seeking high calibre secretarial professionals in order to provide vital support to ensure that this growth is sustainable.”

While salaries for contract secretarial and support staff are also expected to rise, permanent staff are expected to see stronger salary growth.