Online infographics: saying it in style

EA’s trade in information, but sometimes getting the message across can be tricky. Quick and easy online infographic tools can make life easier – and better looking – for EA’s.

Whether it’s managing a project, giving a presentation, organising an event, or producing a report, EA’s are constantly using – and communicating – information. Ensuring the message is received in the clearest and fastest fashion is an EA’s bread and butter. However, concise communication of complex ideas is a difficult task.

Infographics are not a new phenomenon. Displaying information graphically has long been the backbone of many industries, especially in marketing and communication. Despite their proven effectiveness, infographics have always been time-consuming to produce – a write-off for a busy EA.

Now, with the development of a multitude of online tools, infographics can now be developed quickly and beautifully, and employed by any professional in a short timeframe.

A presentation must entertain to inform. Engaging people with dry, yet still important information requires a fine balance of creativity and content. Instead of compiling hefty reports jam-packed with text and heavy reading, a simple set of infographics can display key information quickly.

Not only are they a great way to surmise information, they are also more effective at engaging an audience than traditional reports or presentations. Humans are distinctly visual creatures, we absorb information better if it is displayed in a clear and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Infographics can now be developed and shared digitally. This gives an individual the opportunity to disseminate their message to any number of people, instantly. With the click of a button, an infographic summary of a long-winded report can be sent to, opened and read by hundreds of people in seconds.

EA’s not only have to be equipped with the tools to communicate in a traditional sense, but also needs to be able to employ the latest and greatest in information sharing tech. Online infographics can help revolutionise the way EA’s share vital data, and should be added to their essential tool kit.