My Office Essentials – Natalie Kennefick

We decided to look at Office Essentials from a different angle. Instead of us telling you the must-haves, we asked you to tell us… And your fellow high-level assistants! 

After all, who is in a better position to tell EAs what they need on their desk than other EAs!?

This issue we quizzed Natalie Kennefick, a C-Suite EA, speaker, business owner and Up & Coming PA of the Year at the 2018 Executive PA Media awards, about her go-to Office Essentials…

To do pad

“This allows me to jot down the things I need to do that day so I can keep track of where I am up to. Given my boss throws things at me throughout the day, it helps me to remember every little thing I need to close out before switching off. A to do pad is also vital when it comes to prioritising my work.”


“EAs are constantly taking notes. I always have a notebook handy in case I am called into an impromptu meeting.”

Phone charger

“I’m constantly on my phone for work and need to keep the battery going so I’m never caught short. Also, you never know when your boss’ phone might need a zap of energy, too!”

Wrist pads

“Busy assistants need to keep ourselves safe at work, especially when it comes to the amount of computer work we do. I know wrist pads will help save my wrists from aches and problems later in life, so they’re an absolute must.” 

Cup of tea

“Last but not least, this is definitely an essential that keeps me going throughout the day.”