New research outlines EAs’ top overseas event priorities

A recent survey by Club Med has revealed what’s highest on the list for EAs who organise overseas events.

Organising an overseas event can be as rewarding as it is challenging. An international experience can prove more beneficial than a domestic event, but it can also present a set of unique challenges for the EAs tasked with putting them together.

International tourism, travel and event company, Club Med, surveyed over 50 EAs to determine their top priorities when organising international events.

It was found that a successful event is one that has a lasting impact on delegates. The more memorable the experience, the more successful the event. A shared travel experience—particularly to a scenic or unusual destination—is a sure-fire way to have a long-term positive impact.

The survey respondents over-whelm-ingly agreed that an international event is more appealing and exciting for delegates than a domestic one. An overseas trip where people can bond and have unique, shared experiences is a key goal for EAs.

This also goes for the activities that EAs prefer to plan. To make the shared experience stronger, wellness activities, team building exercises and group excursions were the most popular pastimes.

Organising a trip across borders also presents some challenges. First and foremost, EAs wanted to ensure that the safety of their guests was guaranteed, and the majority of respondents classified it as their top priority.

The quality and safety of food, beverages and accommodation also made it to the top of the list.

Many EAs also found it challenging to communicate with overseas partners, with multiple points of contact and slow response times causing frustrations. But according to the data, a single point of contact system, transparent pricing and all-inclusive packages would simplify the process. 

Do you agree?

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