New “Executive of the Year” Awards category

Executive PA Media has announced that “executive of the year” is to be included for the first time in its world renowned Executive PA Awards.

Chairman Russell Peacock explains “We found we were getting enquiries from EAs and HR departments asking if we had a category for business leaders in organisations that were not necessarily the direct boss of a PA, but nevertheless were demonstrating positive leadership for an organisation in a way that included its administration staff and other employees.”

He goes on to say “This new category “Executive of the Year” is a reflection of a rapidly changing work-place and importance of recognising business leaders bringing everyone along for the ride, not just a few. Recognition is a two way street and this is a great way for employees to collectively show the CEO and other executives that their efforts are being noticed. This not about shareholder value, its all about stakeholder value. I’m talking about the people who rely on the visionary but fair leadership of their top executives, to help foster a more positive and secure working environment. A recognition award from their employees has to be the best award a business leader can receive.

The Executive of the Year category for Executive PA Awards is open to PA & EAs, HR and corporate communication departments to nominate. There will be no finalists and only one executive will be announced on the night. There is no restriction the size of type of organisation. To start your nomination process go to