‘Morphing hotels’ the future of business travel


It might seem like the stuff of sci-fi movies now, but travelling for work will soon include every surface of your room being internet available, morphing hotels, flying car transfers and robo-butlers – if Hotels.com futuristic study is to be believed.

Hotels.com and futurist Dr James Canton have revealed a new study, Travel 2060 and beyond: Hotels of the Future. In it they say when travellers check into a hotel in 2060 they can expect it to be on Mars, to feature augmented reality, artificial intelligence and touchscreen everything.

Dr James Canton from The Institute for Global Futures, a leading think tank that identifies emerging consumer trends says, “we’ll see predictive travel analytics anticipating what consumers want from their experience before booking. The hotel booking itself will be helped along by artificial intelligence software agents, using data mining and intuitive computing.”

By 2060 he predicts there will be autonomous robots designed online before arrival and programmed with special talents and information to help make the hotel stay exceptional – including all of your business advice and concierge service needs.

There will be morphing hotels where hotels self-assemble and morph from one design to another based on what you need and suitcases will be a thing of the past with 3D printers in every room which can generate real time items like shoes, clothes, computers and wearable phones.

And there’s no need to worry about booking the boss transfers. Future transports will include self-driving pods and RoboFlying cars, which will help avoid the traffic.