Microsoft Word ‘Transcribe’ a game changer for EAs

'Transcribe' is the tech version of an EA ... for an EA!

Have you ever been having a conversation with your executive and frantically trying to write down notes and not miss anything? No matter how hard you try, if you’re having a fast-paced conversation you’re bound to miss out on something and will have to re-confirm with your boss at a later date, which takes up more of their time.

Well, luckily for you, Microsoft Office 365 now offers a ‘Transcribe’ function in Word that automatically transcribes your voice (or voices!) from speech to text. This latest function can convert speech for multiple speaking voices AND identify who is speaking and when.

Microsoft’s latest program development means you can automatically convert recorded interview or meetings from speech to text by uploading an audio file to Word, or you can record it as it’s happening via the Transcribe function.

Transcribe works on both macOS and Windows PC and best of all, you get 300 minutes of audio free! So, get onto using this latest tech hack in the office, it’s sure to make your job easier and you’ll never miss important information ever again.