Meet with Purpose at Hilton Auckland

Meet with Purpose has been launched as a response to demand from clients for more socially responsible options for business delegates that reduce waste and incorporate health and wellness into meetings and events.

The innovative initiative improves meeting efficiencies and enhances the wellbeing of delegates to ensure a successful and productive meeting which has a big impact on organizational goals and a smaller one on the environment.

Hilton Auckland’s Meet with Purpose programme focuses on three pillars:

  • Mindful Eating encourages event organisers to minimise food waste and provide more balanced choices. Executive Chef Wallace Mua is currently in the process of trialling menus to showcase healthier and more environmentally friendly options for delegates.
  • Mindful Meeting involves utilising meeting practices that are less resource-intensive, so clients can host more environmentally friendly events. It includes a Clean Air Programme which offsets carbon emissions by donating carbon credits to the Tasmanian Native Forest Protection Project that protects Australian native forests.
  • Mindful Being enhances guest experiences offering locals walking maps for pre, during or post your daily meeting, and stretch guides to ensure your delegates stay engaged.

Talk to our Conference and Events team about how you can Meet with Purpose at Hilton Auckland.

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