Looking for an unforgettable incentive destination?

Welcome to the Ultimate Incentive Adventure. Welcome to Queenstown

When it comes to rewarding top employees and thanking valuable clients, only the best travel destination will do. Welcome to the Ultimate Incentive Adventure.

High in the spectacular Southern Alps, Queenstown has always sparked imaginations and inspired exploration. Home to mighty mountains and ancient forests, New Zealand’s best ski resort in winter and an alpine wonderland of trails, thrills, and tastes in spring, summer and autumn, Queenstown is a year-round adventure.

Here, anything is possible. Chase the snow, explore rugged backcountry, indulge in extraordinary food and wine, discover stunning fairways, or seek that big adrenaline high. Choose a destination that will awaken people’s senses and make them feel alive as the energy of Queenstown courses through them.

Get hearts pumping with New Zealand’s highest bungy jump, the world’s steepest zipline, or biggest human catapult. If you’re looking for a less adrenaline packed itinerary, Queenstown offers more gentle adventures. Immerse people in nature with biking, jetboating or 4WD, or experience a breath-taking lake cruise, sightseeing flight or wine tour.

When hosting your teams or clients in Queenstown, they come back with so much more than memories. Confidence from daring to push boundaries. Inspiration from connecting with magnificent scenery. Moments of self-discovery that enrich and reward. Visitors escape the everyday, reconnect and experience moments of true transformation.

Home to an international airport, Queenstown is connected to the world. From the moment your guests step out of the plane, see the peaks towering above them, and breathe in the crisp mountain air, they’ll know they’re somewhere remarkable. Once they’re here, everything is on their doorstep, and they’re rarely more than a 15 minutes’ drive from the next Queenstown experience.

Planning your Queenstown incentive trip is easy, with accommodation, event venues, and activities for all styles and budgets. Sophisticated event experts are here to help you with every aspect of your trip. We’ve even drawn up suggested itineraries for three-, five- or seven-day incentive trips to show you how to get the best out of your programmes time.

Additionally, the Queenstown Convention Bureau offers free, impartial advice, and support with your planning to help make your Queenstown event unforgettable.

Inspire your exceptional performers and show appreciation to your valued clients by encouraging them to go further and be the people they’ve always wanted to be. Welcome to the Ultimate Incentive Adventure. Welcome to Queenstown.

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