How to create a professional brand as a digital expert

We live and work in a digital world and more than ever executives require their EAs to be digital experts. As a result, it’s important to build a professional brand—what you are known for—as a digital expert.

Before you begin though, it’s essential that you become a genuine expert. After all, you can’t create a professional brand for a skill you don’t honestly possess. So, become an expert user of the various systems and apps used in your organisation – whether your executive uses them or not. From collaboration platforms to plugins, automation systems to CRMs, make sure you have a strong practical knowledge of each and can troubleshoot common problems.

You’re then ready to start promoting your digital expertise. On LinkedIn, write a strong headline (the text that appears below your job title) that uses appropriate keywords to bring you higher in a recruiter or hiring manager’s online search results. Similarly, make sure you include your digital skills in your summary and add any relevant short courses to your qualifications. You could also ask colleagues who have benefited from your digital expertise to endorse these skills on LinkedIn or write you a recommendation.

Once you’ve updated your profile, regularly share content, such as useful troubleshooting tips and tricks for EAs. But building your professional brand shouldn’t be restricted to online activity. One simple and effective way to demonstrate your digital expertise and build your reputation internally is to assist colleagues with technical issues whenever you can. Finally, attend functions, short courses and webinars as often as you can. This will help to keep your digital proficiency up-to-date while simultaneously supporting and building your professional brand in this area.

Alex Jones is Senior Regional Director at Hays Office Support.