How can hospitality help client relations?

Across the world, mealtime is sacred and has been for thousands of years. Sharing food transcends cultures, from Athens to Morocco and Melbourne.

No matter the cuisine, the climate or the utensils you’re using, sharing food, drink and conversation brings people closer together.

Meal-sharing is a great way to build a strong rapport with your clients, which is crucial to building an effective working relationship.

As the world becomes faster and faster paced, a growing number of full-time workers eat alone more often, which can be alienating. Luckily, the opposite is true of meal-sharing, which makes us happier. The table acts as a unifier, allowing people to relax, catch up and talk about life in a lighter context.

Given the importance of mealtime to the family unit, it’s easy to see the benefits of sharing a meal with your clients. The opportunity to relax and get to know them away from the hustle and bustle of board rooms and the constant hum of your smart phone can be invaluable.

Behind every client email address, there’s a face, a family and mutual interests and topics you can bond over – you just need the opportunity to bring them out. A dinner, lunch or brunch provides the perfect opportunity to do that.

It will mean you see a totally different side to your clients, and that they’ll get to know you, too. The extra understanding you’ll gain of every person and what makes them tick will only help your business by fostering a trusting and person-driven workspace.

When you’re back in the boardroom, you won’t just be dealing with another client in business dress, carrying a briefcase and a notepad. You’ll still be dealing with the person you met and spoke to over a meal, when you were both sitting in a more relaxed posture with a glass of wine or a coffee in hand.

You might even find the benefits are greater if you take control of the kitchen and the catering! Find out more here: