Hilton set to launch Hybrid Events

Hilton Hotels to take on hybrid events

Hilton Hotels is set to launch a brand new hybrid events program later this month. The Hilton EventReady Hybrid Solutions program is designed to ensure participating hotels have sufficient IT and technology to host hybrid events. Hilton Hotels will continue to provide multiple site offerings to event planners and to ensure the in-person portion of the event is of the highest standard.

The Hilton is also set to launch a revised version of the EventReady program playbook that will now include case studies, tips and a glossary of hybrid event terms.

Hybrid events aren’t being seen as just a trend or a solution to the COVID-19 situation, they can actually add much more value to the business than first expected. Hybrid events are becoming the best way to expand the reach and inclusivity of an event to levels that would’ve taken approx. 6 years of in-person events to achieve. As EAs begin to plan meetings and events in 2021, don’t forget that hybrid is quickly becoming the new norm.