Hey mum, know what an EA does?

Leading business social networking service, LinkedIn’s ‘Bring In Your Parents Day’ study has shown some Aussie parents with children who are EAs or PAs still aren’t quite sure what you do.

The study was part of LinkedIn’s annual global initiative that aims to bridge the gap between parents and their children, where hundreds of companies globally open their doors to their employees’ parents.

It examines the relationship between professionals and their parents and found parents have a general lack of understanding of their children’s jobs.

Personal Assistant (PA) was one of the top three jobs – alongside teacher and farmer. LinkedIn found 37% of Australian parents are still unsure of what exactly a PA does at work, with 11% of them mistaking the job scope of a PA for the role of a Public Relations Account Executive.

Generally speaking almost a quarter of parents believe they would be fired if they had to do their child’s job for a day as they wouldn’t know how to do it.

More than half of parents are baffled by the buzzwords and lingo their children use when talking about their job and believe their children have more opportunities in the workplace than they did.

Fifty four per cent of mothers believe their daughters have more opportunities to progress in their careers.

Meanwhile, more than half of parents think their children earn more than they did at their age, and 35 per cent think their kids are on track to be much more successful in their career.

Head of Communications for LinkedIn Australia and New Zealand Shiva Kumar says,“the way we work is constantly evolving and professionals are also now switching jobs more frequently. It is not so straightforward for parents to understand and share what their children do.

“While we know parents can take on a more active role when it comes to their children’s careers, it is evident from our research that they don’t always know exactly what their children do.”