Has your boss organised their vaccination passport?

With corporate travel on the horizon following the relaxing of restrictions, make sure your boss has everything they need when the time comes

You’ve most likely been keeping an eye on the return of business travel, and as Australia ()not yet for NZ) begins to ease restrictions and slowly resume travel, corporate travel will quickly be back on the cards. But travellers will be required to have proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

If you are based in Australia your exec is able to download and print out internationally recognised proof of vaccination and can even add a ‘digital vaccination passport’ to their smart phone wallet. It can also be added to the Travel Pass app used by Qantas and many other airlines. The paper and digital systems will use a secure QR code that includes information on the type of vaccine and the dates it was administered. This passport was designed to meet the global standards specified by the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

These standards will be upheld by all airlines, border authorities and airports around the world. You (or your exec) can access this international certificate via the myGov website or from the MedicareExpress app.

“The launch of the international proof of vaccination is a key step towards safely reopening international borders and supporting Australia’s Covid-19 economic recovery,” said the Federal Minister for Employment, Workforce and Skills, Stuart Robert. Australia’s international travel ban is set to be removed on November 1, allowing citizens, permanent residents, and their families to leave the country without obtaining special government approval.