GS1 Australia

As Executive Assistants and Event Managers, we are always keeping an eye out for new venues. It’s all about keeping our events interesting and fresh while still delivering to business requirements.

Location and parking are on top of the list. We want something that is easily accessible and hassle free. Finding a venue that offers both can be tricky, most times good location comes with pricy parking. Even fewer options are available in the Eastern suburbs, so a new venue in the area is a great find!

When we opened our new office in Mulgrave, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to incorporate some space for our member events while having an area that is versatile enough whether holding a small meeting or a function where we needed to fit all our 140 staff. With positive feedback from everyone, we thought why not make the space accessible externally?

While chatting to my peers in the industry, it’s interesting how we all agree that the biggest headache is normally AV and the complexities and costs that come with it. How exciting is it when you find a venue that comes with all this included and you can just turn up, plug in your laptop and off you go?!

I’m a big believer in making time to think about the details. Delegates attend events all the time, so how do I make them remember my event versus any other? It’s all about personalising the event to both enhance the company brand as well as make the attendees feel a bit special! We tried to keep this in mind when we built our facilities with digital signage screens at reception, sign-in area and breakout kitchen. Moments and spaces that are ideal to capture the delegates’ attention.

And finally, networking! Isn’t it why all of us still make time to attend events? Most topics are today covered online but still nothing beats face-to-face. And so, providing an enjoyable environment where your delegates can easily network during break times is priceless. It’s about finding spaces that offer both seating and standing space that gives them the comfort to share with peers and take something back that they can implement. Incorporating all this while keeping it simple, we are excited to share our Knowledge & Event Centre. We hope to provide a business hub that is professional, friendly, convenient with attention to detail.

– Katya Saliba, Events Manager, GS1 Australia