Give your team the ending to 2020 they deserve

In a workplace setting, the significant increase in remote working and restrictions on large gatherings have not only meant teams are feeling disconnected, but will likely also cause the cancellation of the annual employee Christmas or End of Year event.

Why you should have a virtual team event now

While the option of having a Christmas party may have altered, the necessity of having something to connect your colleagues has never been so pressing. As we have acknowledged, 2020 was weird. The conversation where we all whine about how bad it has been? It’s an important conversation to have.

Your next team building event or get-together can still be the glimmer of hope, excitement and connection we all need, even in a virtual setting.  It’s all about perspective, and you can look to boost staff morale by creating excitement about your next virtual experience.

Our Big Remote EXPO gives your colleagues the option to relax with a drink, chat with colleagues, or join a fun, fast-paced, hilarious game.

With up to 20 game options, players can compete, mingle or just kick back and watch the fun in a setting that most replicates a real-life party, and is way more exciting and involving than the tired old Brady Bunch-style Zoom grid!

2020 set the bar low, so it is a little easier to go out with a high by putting the extra effort into your next virtual team building event. Everyone has had a rough year, and your team, likely more so than ever, deserve a great send-off.

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