Get the family involved – and boost morale

Five years ago, LinkedIn created Bring Your Parents to Work Day – and it’s catching on with many companies across the globe adopting it. Could it work for you and your boss?

  • By offering the team the chance to introduce their family to their colleagues, there’s an opportunity to build a deeper sense of belonging in the company
  • It’s good for the brand – not just in terms of appearing open and welcoming, but it’s a chance to showcase what you do. Posting the event on social media will multiply this.
  • Employees can share projects they’re passionate about with the most important people in their lives – and thank them for supporting them professionally
  • One in three parents don’t know what their child does for a living – it gives content to the conversations that typically happen over family dinners

It’s not just your parents you can get involved though. Some companies have explored Bring your Child to Work Day to bring value through engagement and social responsibility, whilst educating children on career opportunities and giving them an insight into their parents’ working lives. Members of staff offer inspiring talks or activities; often their first time addressing a crowd. Could a ‘Take your Daughters and Sons to Work Day’ enhance your workplace?