Gastronomer’s Guide: Desert Taco

Michael ‘Miko’ Aspiras, Executive Pastry Chef at Hilton Sydney shares the delicious details of his signature dish.

The ‘Dessert Taco’ is inspired by the Mexican taco shell. This petit cake is complex with different textures, layers and techniques. I feel this dish defines my style as a pastry chef, quirky and technical, creative yet familiar. This unique creation features a delightful mix of Valrhona guanaja chocolate and single-origin coffee mousse, dark chocolate custard ganache, Venezuelan cocoa nibs and coffee nib sable Breton. The ‘Dessert Taco’ will soon be available in Hilton Sydney’s lobby café, Caffé Cino.

Michael ‘Miko’ Aspiras. “I am the type of chef that can’t say no to opportunities that involve dessert—may it be a simple birthday cake or a complex buffet for three thousand people, I live and breathe desserts. Wherever I go, I love sharing my passion with those that I’m surrounded by, including the stories that contributed to my success. I am inspired by everything—books, the internet, other chefs, my family and even the most random situations such as getting stuck in traffic. My life is as colourful as my desserts and I can’t wait to share my story with everyone through my creations.”

Our thanks to Michael at Hilton Sydney: