Gastronomer’s Guide: Crispy duck leg, braised lentil stew, radicchio, anise spiced orange, sherry jus

Amit Chitnis, Chef De Cuisine at Collins Kitchen, Grand Hyatt Melbourne shares the delicious details of his signature dish.

“For me, cooking is like a symphony orchestra where different instruments create a harmonious melody. Similarly, when it comes to a delicious dish, thoughtfully sourced produce that’s been carefully cooked and served creates a harmony to give a memorable culinary experience. Glorious confit duck with crispy skin and tender meat is hard to resist and using Mount Zero biodynamic French Puy green lentils, locally grown in Wimmera, makes the most glorious accompaniment. The inspiration for this dish came when I had to match a Merlot with berry, anise spice and an earthy flavour profile. For this dish, I sourced Great Ocean duck legs, local Puy lentils and navel oranges. This is a great winter dish that goes well with Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon.”

Meet Chef Amit, passionate Chef De Cuisine of Collins Kitchen with 12 years’ experience. Born and raised in Mumbai, he always saw cooking as a form of creativity and has great respect for nature and produce. After spending 12 years in the software engineering industry, he decided to follow his passion of becoming a chef and moved to Melbourne in 2006. Chef Amit has been with the Hyatt family for almost 9 years working at Park Hyatt Melbourne, Grand Hyatt Singapore, and recently moved back to Melbourne in April to lead Collins Kitchen. His passion helped him to be the first winner of SE ASIA Hyatt Good Taste Series 2017. Amit drives his love for cooking through local, seasonal, sustainable produce and bold flavours.

Our thanks to Amit and Grand Hyatt Melbourne: