Future Brain

The 12 keys to create your high-performance brain
Future Brain by Dr Jenny Brockis

This compact book is written conversationally and the content easily digestible. There is a splatter of terminology on how the brains work, but this is well explained and minimal. The synopsis says it all. This almost reads like an Executive Assistants job description. The content is very relevant as we are required to be focused, alert and one-step ahead at all times. This book is full of practical tips that we can apply in our workplace to remain on top of our game.

The first section – How to create a high performing brain – is particularly interesting. It covers off nutrition, exercise, sleep and mental stretch. None of these concepts are new, but what I found intriguing is the ‘why’ and ‘how’ these things are good for our brain health.

Section 2, ‘Operating a high performance brain’ focuses on areas such as the importance of attitude and how being open minded allows growth and development of the brain. It provides great insights into the correspondence between high levels of stress and sickness.

The final section: Integrating a high-performance brain, focuses on how this knowledge is applicable in our workplace, how we can get a step ahead. It delves into how we can deal with change effectively, which is incredibly relevant given the rate of change we are all experiencing in workplaces currently.

This book is a great opportunity to take stock and see how you can refocus aspects of your life to ensure that you use your brain to its best ability.

Angela is an EA at Air New Zealand.
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