February Office Essentials

Discover apps, websites and products to make your days easier

Macbook Air

Apple have been at the forefront of laptop technology for a long time, and this year is no different. The new Macbook Air is an ideal travel companion, with a 13.3 inch screen (with mind- blowing retina display) and with it’s lightweight build it can go everyone. It’s convenient size doesn’t compromise it’s power either. The Air is designed for daily use, and has the hardware to keep you working, designing, and writing all day.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Pro

We all know that a portable power bank is a godsend when spending the day on the run. Having a backup for all your devices is convenient and offers great piece of mind. Bulky heavy battery packs are however, are an unwelcome weight. Enter the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Pro, only 12 millimetres wide it will slide easily into a pocket. With an impressive 10000 mAh capacity it will keep you going for days.


Sign Now 

Signing documents is always a pain. You’ve got to spend your valuable time struggling with the printer, signing it, scanning it, uploading it, and finally sending the document back. For the busy EA that’s way too much time. With SignNow you can download documents straight to your phone, write, sign, date or initial and send it back in seconds. The easy to use platform is secure and provides legally binding signatures.


Strava is Swedish for ‘strive’. This app is an all in one exercise companion and dashboard. You can track your activity with GPS software, and develop and design your own special routes and tracks. The app syncs with all your monitoring hardware, like your smartwatch. What sets Strava aside is the social aspect, you can follow your friends and compare your activity, share images and stories. You might even be able to get an office time trial competition going.

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

Tired of unsightly wires tangling around your desk? Now you don’t have to worry about keeping your phone charged and your office tidy. The Samsung EP-PG920 is a highly rated, affordable and fast working wireless charger. With wireless charging technology becoming mainstream, this piece of tech boasts a wide range of compatibility and will work with most enabled Apple and Android phones.

Abbyy FineScanner

In the modern business world, paper is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Most people and offices steer clear of the printer in lue of sleek online documents and reports. However, some businesses and organisations (particularly governments) still cling to paper. So scanning documents and digitising them is now more important than ever. Abbyy FineScanner uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to turn dusty documents into interactive digital files.