Energising and engaging events

Fresh into 2020!  Impact AV Australia, the audio visual specialist, is making massive new developments for their business from the ground up. They are now doing business with a dynamic new approach. Impact AV appears to be listening to their client feed-back. They have adapted rapidly developed tools to both increase efficiency and client convenience.

Here are some of the new changes in IAV. They are applying streaming and lighting technology utilising AV over IP and through app based controls. These new ventures offer more capabilities with less labour costs, and are attracting businesses that desire a more personal interactive design. IAV has also reached into the wireless speaker market and laser projector market. This allows them to reduce cabling and at the same time increase aesthetics with the quality of true colour images improving exponentially. With these wide range of new technologies focused upon, IAV is in a pivotal point of its growth to seamless and immersive events.

During this process of adaption and momentum, IAV is connecting with new suppliers and clients alike and establishing a community of relaxed professionalism. Meanwhile they continue to evolve with existing clients expanding those relationships into decade long friendships/successes. These strong business connections allow Impact AV to be one of Sydney’s most experienced AV experts. IAV caters for the entire spectrum of audio visual requirements enjoying a multitude of events.

Now the company is heading to greener energy and moving on from products that produce waste. Their aim is to reduce their foot print wherever they go. With rechargeable and reusable becoming the way to sustainability, here are some of the ways IAV is greening. They are investing in renewable products, change managing a culture of waste, moving to a paperless business, incorporating recyclability in purchases, and pursuing the lowering of all consumption of electricity. They should be congratulated for striving to make their business sustainable for all our futures.   

Looking deep into design and co-creation IAV enhances the ideas of its community. They seek the best possible solutions for every event. Aiming to be concise, they gain a comprehensive understanding of client’s needs by asking questions. IAV dials into the equipment requirements and the client’s vision by asking the more meaningful questions on what the client wants to experience. With this at the heart of IAV’s client communication, you know have an AV team that cares to energise and engage your events.

With this business, focusing on these developments, it is safe to say that Impact AV is here to stay for the long haul.