Is your exec prepared for the ‘The Long Vacation’?

We’ve all heard of the “great resignation” phenomenon – people experiencing a different lifestyle after nearly two years of working from home and deciding to pack in their jobs – but has your exec heard of the ‘Long Vacation’?

A new online poll of 1,090 employees released this week by Australian recruitment agency people2people has revealed that close to half of Australian employees (43%) are planning to spend more annual leave during the summer break than they did last year.

With 8 in 10 having taken less than two weeks of leave in 2021, and 60 % of those less than a week, people2people’s Managing Director Mark Smith warns of the impact on staffing levels.

“Over the next two months, we’re already expecting to see businesses impacted by ‘The Great Resignation’. Our October polls show that 1 in 2 Australian workers are already currently looking for a new job or planning a career change, with more than 50 per cent having already handed in their notice this year or are considering it post lockdown.