Employer of the Year!

In sponsoring this award, we are delighted to acknowledge employers who recognise the vital contribution made by EAs and PAs in the workplace and embrace a positive team culture. EAs and PAs thrive in organisations that demonstrate great leadership, communication, development and fun, and this award is one way we can all show our appreciation. We are proud to partner with Executive PA Media to bring you the “Employer of the Year” for 2017!
Dwain Richardson, Managing Director, Corporate Challenge Events

All organisations are increasingly keen to demonstrate their employer and corporate responsibility credentials. Those that can demonstrate they are great place to come to work and develop a career are more likely to attract good people, keep them and grow.

Does your organisation deserve to be recognised as one that encourages, supports and develops, not only its C Suite Executive Assistants, but also all its administration employees?

Submissions should demonstrate how your organisation supports individual Executive level assistants and also the broader administration team on both a personal and professional level. Your nomination should include examples of positive HR policy and details on employee benefits and holidays and parental leave.

Any evidence of accommodation and flexibility in the workplace, with examples of effective job or desk share, remote working, amended working hours and support internal EA networks, will all add weight to your nomination

Personal and Executive Assistants can nominate for this category

HR departments are welcome to nominate through a designated Executive Assistant and the submission must show clear evidence of employer benefits to PAs and EAs.

PRIZE: The winning organisation of the prize will receive a complimentary ‘Team Culture Day’ presented by Corporate Challenge Events. The day includes…
o   A full day culture boost program for up to 20 of your staff featuring a corporate training workshop and team building event in your own city.
o   The team building event to be selected by the recipient out of Survivor, Risk Reward, Picture Perfect, Safe Crack and City Scramble.
o   The corporate training workshop will be an Appreciate Inquiry session.
o   Prize includes an exclusive website, registration, app and survey for the event.