Director Digital ID

The Australian Government requires all directors of Australian companies to have their digital Director ID in place by November 2022.

The Director ID is new initiative and legal requirement, that will match directors to a life-long international ID number, that can be used to find details of all their current and past appointments. All personal information, such as medical and tax details will also be accessible by government agencies or representatives.

International ID numbers may be made available to the public at a later date.

Penalties of up to $1million may apply if the registrations deadline is missed.

Andrea Tokaji is a trained international human rights legal advocate (JD, GDLP, LLM) with experience working for the Attorney-General’s Department writing legislation, working with refugees for the United Nations, is the CEO and Founder of fighting for Justice Foundation, an Anti-Slavery NGO, has taught Corporate Law, Business Law and Management/Leadership at University for over 5 years, and consults to Government, Businesses and individuals in Employment Law, Business Law and Human Rights.

Andrea will be running two Legal Seminars to provide information to understand what these regulatory requirements are, what is required for compliance and strategies to mitigate your personal compromise of your privacy.

29th and 30th November

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