Dedicated EA session at AIME: regional Australia is open for business after bushfires

From 3:30pm to 4pm on Tuesday 18 February at AIME, Executive PA Media will be running a session in the Knowledge Program, for executive assistants, where Helen Parker of Destination New South Wales will be available to answer your questions about organising regional events in the wake of the recent bushfires.

Where to source information, who to speak with and how to identify which regions are event-ready.

Over the last five months, Australia has been through an unprecedented and brutal bushfire season that has seen many homes and lives lost, not mention threatening the livelihoods of hard-working Australians.

But, as the fires spread, so did their coverage on social and mainstream media. Images began circulating that drastically misrepresented the scale of the fires.

These images—while well-intentioned—did damage to Australia’s brand. Many tourism and events operators in regional Australia lost up to 80 percent of their bookings for the year as a result of the viral images, even though they weren’t directly affected by the disaster.

In a time where these regions need visitors more than ever, they are suffering numerous cancellations. Now, the Australian government, destinations, operators and communities from across the country are sending a message to EAs across the nation: they are open for business.

This session will explain where to look and who to speak with, to establish what regions are open and ready for your next event.


Helen Parker, Manager, Regional Conferencing, Destination NSW

Helen is responsible for managing the NSW Regional Conferencing Unit within Destination NSW, leading the implementation of the Regional Conferencing Strategy & Action Plan and supporting regional NSW in effectively targeting opportunities for business events creation and attraction, sector capability building and undertaking promotional activities to grow the market.


Russell Peacock, Chairman, Executive PA Media