Cultural Insanity (and the roadmap to great organisational culture) by Ross Judd

2020 has seen workplaces shift as a result of the increase in virtual working platforms, impacts on interaction and behaviour, and transformation through change. Employee/employer values have been put under the spotlight with some businesses thriving through productivity, efficiency, and connectivity, while other businesses are struggling with accountability, meeting the changing demands, and more complex communication.

Business culture is key to forging through strength and struggle with your employees and Ross Judd provides a straightforward, and at times astoundingly simple, alternative on cultivating and changing workplace culture.

“You don’t create systems to inspire great culture, you engage with your employees to cultivate great culture to support your systems.”

An interesting read for businesses who want to foster their culture, and those who feel its moving in the wrong direction and want guidance to bring it back in line with core business values.


Claire Mulgrew, Operations Manager, Time and Place