Creative Floral Arrangement Ideas

Here at Pearsons Florist, we are constantly looking for new and creative ways to showcase our beautiful flowers. We know that a stunning & fragrant floral arrangement can not only change a person’s mood, it can also breathe new life into a living room or workplace.

We also love the idea that people can keep using parts of the arrangement in their homes long after the flowers have died, reminding them of the way they felt when the flowers first arrived.

One of our favourite creative display ideas is the Flower Bottle. A series of 6-8 glass bottles are set inside a gorgeous wire basket designed to give the flowers an elongated look.  We are sure women will find lots of additional uses for the basket and bottles in the home, or they could simply recreate the arrangement themselves with fresh flowers.

Another creative approach we love is to feature the flowers and additional items such as baby toys and singlets inside a natural weave basket. Once the flowers are removed, the handy and stylish basket can be used to store any number of household items. It’s not enough to source the best quality flowers if you do not showcase them in the best possible way. Our design team is constantly looking for new ideas to elevate our beautiful arrangements into stunning centrepieces people will love to receive.

The Pearsons Florist Design Team
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