Counter Offers: What you need to know

If your employer actively addresses the reasons behind your resignation, it might be worth considering a counter offer

Leaving a job, especially one you’ve held for some time, can be difficult. Add to that being put under pressure to stay and having your reasons for leaving challenged – this does not make it easier. 

How to handle a counter offer

At this stage, you may be likely to encounter a counter offer and as enticing as this may be, it’s important to consider your options. 

Ask yourself why you wanted to leave initially. Presumably, after careful consideration, you decided that, for whatever reason, you weren’t happy in your current EA role. And your motivation to leave must have been genuine since you not only looked for a new job but applied to, interviewed for and accepted one.

Why then would a pay rise, new job title or additional benefits convince you to stay? It’s flattering to receive a counter offer but you should try look at the situation objectively. 

When to accept a counter offer

If your employer actively addresses the reasons behind your resignation, it might be worth considering. In this case, ensure genuine action will be taken before agreeing to stay.

When not to accept a counter offer

Definitive action can be rare, though. Most counter offers involve material perks rather than change that engages and develops the career of the employee – and addresses their original job search motivations.

In these cases, the employee finds that engagement and motivation fall. Trust no longer exists with their boss. Plus, their employer could demand more because of their new salary package. The employee could also begin to question why their boss didn’t offer them what they deserve before they resigned…

In summary

While every situation is unique, be careful to not accept a hollow counter offer. Instead, in the interest of career advancement, thank your boss for the offer and move on.

If you do decide to stay, consider that many have reported that they had to work hard to win back their employer’s trust and prove their loyalty. Good luck.

Alex Jones is a senior regional director at Hays Office Support