Civil servants to receive ‘return-to-work’ order in Victoria

Victoria's government aims to return CBD foot traffic to pre-pandemic levels

Due to Melbourne CBD’s drop in foot traffic during the pandemic, the Victorian government is planning to order all civil servants to return to the office. The Herald Sun reports that workers will have to return to the office at least three days a week with the option of working flexibly for the other two.

Although current COVID-19 guidelines allow 75% of the staff to be in the office many businesses have given their workers flexible working options. As a result, the CBD’s economy has taken a major hit.

This ‘return-to-work’ push is hoped to alleviate the struggle of retail and hospitality businesses. This month recorded Melbourne’s foot traffic to be only 39% of pre-pandemic levels, although it was still a rise from the last two months’ records.

The Victorian government is also planning to invest in five new suburban offices to aid employees who still need to remain working flexibly.