cievents introduces Live Chat service to help delegate integration for corporate events

In a market leading move that will allow delegates and attendees to ask questions and get answers in real-time, cievents is rolling out another addition to its registration service: Live Chat on conference registration web pages. It will be manned by trained staff during all business hours, so anyone signing up during the day can contact the team with queries.

The technology already features on some of cievents’ clients’ registration pages. Among larger organisations in other industries, it has become almost ubiquitous, an expected part of the service, but this is the first time it will be available as an extension of the cievents’ service offerings to their customers.

Live Chat is designed to help delegates and attendees with any queries in real-ti
me. The solutions must be prompt and convenient and with real-time analytics reporting, you can measure the success of the whole registration process for your delegates.

Some of the queries the Live Chat team can help with are asfollows:

  • Flight recommendations (airlines, timing, pick-up from airport).
  • Hotel booking advice and travel services to the event venue.
  • Dress code enquiries.
  • Help with the booking and registering process.
  • General assistance for any basic issues.

The idea with this broad range of assistance is that potential attendees will not have to leave the page in search of a solution. They are more likely to stay on the page and be satisfied with the service from the host.

“In a world where technology and data rules, expectation for instant gratification is at an all-time high, making easy dialogue between businesses and their communities crucial to the long-term success of any customer-facing business,” said cievents General Manager, Australia, Fiona Batten.

“Customers expect a range of communication channels that suit their needs, and email and phone are no longer enough to guarantee satisfaction for all demographics. By adding Live Chat to our registration process, the days of disconnected delegates in the events industry are gone, instant personal responses aim to improve their journey and allow them to complete registration seamlessly.”

Live Chat will be as customisable as the rest of the cievents content menu. It will come with various branding opportunities as well as a choice of texts and languages to suit the target audience, the host country and the style of the registration page.

For more information about Live Chat and how it will help to deliver a more seamless corporate event, contact cievents today.