Book with Marriott Bonvoy Events to unlock a host of rewards

Customized experiences are not easy to come by, it takes the dedication and commitment of our teams to bring about a successful get-together. Marriott International is here to cater for your needs.

The time is now to reconnect with one another. Through the ‘5Gs of Human Connection’: Gather, Global, Gratitude, Giving, and Gourmet, Marriott International is here to make your next gathering an unforgettable one.

Technology helped bridge the gap when we were socially distanced and made many things possible. Virtual meetings, conferences and panel discussions across time zones have enabled us to keep up with our efficiency despite being physically out of the office. Nonetheless, prolonged estrangement from the office environment can make your teammates feel lonely and detached from the group. Human interactions amongst colleagues are something virtual interactions cannot replace. With Marriott International, we will rediscover the joy of meeting face-to-face together and building strong and meaningful connections again. Let us rekindle the joy of in-person connections together. The Time Is Now – Where Can We Take You?

There is a host of rewards to support your return to action. Receive enticing rewards when you book an eligible meeting or event at participating Marriott hotels and resorts. Unlock two customized rewards* when you book at Marriott hotels.

Australia & Pacific

•            Double Marriott Bonvoy Events rewards points

•            Complimentary 30-minute cocktail reception

•            Complimentary upgrade to next room category

•            Complimentary room nights for group bookings

South Asia

•            One complimentary room night for every 20 paid

•            One complimentary meeting package for every 20 paid

•            Double Marriott Bonvoy points

•            Themed tea and coffee breaks once during the stay of the group

Southeast Asia

•            Complimentary room nights for every 20 room nights booked

•            One hour complimentary welcome reception for group bookings

•            Customized welcome drink of group delegates

•            Complimentary upgraded coffee break

*Customized rewards are subject to availability of respective hotels.

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