Book Review: Languages of Leadership by Wendy Born

In the book Languages of Leadership, Wendy Born provides a different perspective on how your actions as a leader can develop and foster a strong and trusting work environment.

Born has done a wonderful job in collating and condensing the tips, tricks and tools suggested by a wide range of academic experts and also sharing her own experiences as a leader, coach and facilitator.

While this book is directed at executives, many of the concepts discussed are directly relevant to the assistants that support these people—especially given that the way an EA conducts themselves is usually a direct reflection of the person they support.

Born takes you on a journey through the six critical languages of leadership: strength, courage, engineering, abdication, trust and vulnerability. She provides great insight into getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, living and breathing your purpose, having the ability to influence at all levels, empower those around you and develop a bond based on trust and vulnerability.

No matter whether you’re a senior executive or their assistant, this book provides some basic truths around what it takes to become an inspirational leader, and how to get the best out of other people. Well worth the read!

Our reviewer
Kim Chapman is Senior Executive Assistant at Ernst & Young