Book Review: Come Alive by Yu Dan Shi

I once worked in a firm where the manager would walk into the office on a Monday morning and say: “Look alive team”. Given the choice to ‘look alive’ or ‘come alive’, I would choose the latter any day. I was intrigued to see what living a life with more meaning and joy looks like in a corporate world governed by financial metrics and KPIs.

In her book Come Alive, Yu Dan Shi neatly dismantles any notion I had of the need to compartmentalise our natural and unique gifts between our corporate persona and the one we take home. By interrogating the ‘paradox of success’, the author talks to behaviours that drive our mindset toward this version of success.

She asserts that our situation is usually the result of our long-term mindset and habits, so rather than quitting a stressful job or trying to change our whole environment in the search for more meaning and joy, lasting change can be made by one small adjustment at a time.

A very practical and easy to read guide, this book outlines four practices that, when implemented regularly, will help the reader to regain control, identity and autonomy of their life.   

I highly recommend this book to anyone who feels frustrated or stuck in a rut—it may just be the nudge you need to make that first change toward living a life with more meaning and joy, wherever you are.

Sharon Esteves is Business Support Manager at Shadforth Financial Group / IOOF