Bisque de fruits de mer

Renee Guymer, Chef De Cuisine at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in Australia, shares the delicious details of her signature dish


Bisque de fruits de mer

“I believe that food should be about an overall gastronomic experience. From the moment the dish is served the customers should be delighted by what they see.” The inspiration for this dish came from the prestigious MCC food and wine lunch, I wanted to create a dish which encompassed the flavours and variety of delicious locally sourced sea food hence the name “fruits of the sea’. Firstly, I crush the shell of the langoustine and sauté it off and cook for over 4 hours so that the flavour infuses through the broth. The Yabby’s are delivered fresh and immediately frozen and then steamed to retain the flavour. I chose Port Lincoln snapper for a delicious fish component topped with micro chives to add a unique texture. The visual impact of the dish all adds to the theatre of the experience.”


Renee Guymer

Renee has been a chef for over 20 years and risen through the ranks at EPICURE to become the “Chef de cuisine of match day” at the iconic MCG. It is certainly a challenge having to cater for up to 100,000 guests at any one time, the range and choice we offer is huge to cover. Renee is passionate about quality and pushing the taste boundaries using local, sustainable, seasonal produce.

Our thanks to Renee and Melbourne Cricket Ground: