Average EA travel and event budget  more than quarter of a million dollars

On average senior PAs and EAs are spending A$253,000 annually on events and meetings.

Groundbreaking research into luxury and high-end business travel has been conducted by MyTravelResearch.com in partnership with Executive PA Magazine and Luxperience, with executive assistants included as part of the overall survey to this multi-billion dollar industry.

Carolyn Childs, co-founder of leading travel research organisation MyTravelResearch.com, says there are several key take-outs.

As well as arranging and booking business initiatives such as executive retreats, many also organise much of their bosses’ personal lives including leisure travel. They need information for that quickly and factually. It’s a small part of their responsibilities but potentially a high anxiety one.

Senior assistants see themselves as ambassadors. They strongly identify with their organisations and bosses and want to represent them well.

When viewing proposals from suppliers they want value and to see it in the details.

They love the variety and diversity of planning meetings and travel can bring to their role, but struggle to educate internal stakeholders on the issues.

They tell us they see product gaps in a way luxury leisure buyers don’t. They are looking for more local product that offers a distinctive opportunity, but satisfies the focus on value in an age of scrutiny of big corporates, including some not-for-profits.

On average senior PAs and EAs are spending A$253,000 annually on events and meetings.

Executive PA Magazine Chairman Russell Peacock says, “for most of us  our understanding of the importance of PAs as key travel buyers meetings organisers, comes from anecdotal evidence and first hand experience. So its great to see their importance recognised and defined by an independent and respected research body.”

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