Australia’s new work arrangement rules

There are now new rules for employers processing flexible work requests from their staff in Australia. Fair Work has included a new set of requirements for the application of flexible work requests across all awards.

Employers will now have to discuss the needs of an employee with them before approving or denying the request. The idea is to promote communication between management and staff, and help them establish agreements based on their specific needs.

According to the new rules, employers cannot refuse requests unless they breach “reasonable business grounds,” which include affecting other employees working arrangements, increased expense, or a loss of productivity or decline in customer service. If refused, employers must provide written justification. However, not everyone can apply for flexible working arrangements and expect Fair Work’s backing, as they are  only applicable to parents and carers, over 55’s, or those experiencing family or domestic violence. For both employers and employees, it’s important to have a peruse of to brush up on the new rules.