Assistants report increased confidence as their organisations bring staff back to the workplace

Most corporate organisations have begun returning their staff back to the workplace, according to the findings of latest research.

Executive PA Media is undertaking a 3-stage survey to corporate assistants who organise events for their businesses. The first survey took place in June and the second in July. In just one month the proportion of respondents who stated that their organisations had begun the process of returning staff back to the workplace had increased from 49% to nearly three quarters (72%). This is despite a second spike in COVID-19 cases that took place during the second survey.

The proportion of respondents who believe more people will work from home hasn’t materially changed at 78%, although the percentage who believe there will be less staff in their organisations has softened from nearly 4 out of ten, to just over a third.

More EAs are organising business travel for their executives (more than doubling from 10% in June to 22% in July) and more are confident that physical internal meetings will be taking place within the next three months.

The findings to the second survey indicate that businesses are successfully learning to operate in unusually adverse conditions, and they are quickly returning to more usual business practices, as staff return to the workplace.

Download the full report to the second survey