Announcement: Impressive line up for Sydney Executive PA Summit 27th July 2023

Sydney Masonic Centre to play host to Executive PA Summit 27th July 2023

The count-down is on for the Sydney Executive PA Summit 27th July 2023, to take place at Sydney Masonic Centre. The Executive PA Summit series has already experienced great success in Brisbane and Melbourne this year.

Simon Thewlis, Keynote Speaker at Executive PA Summit Sydney 27th July 2023

The past Melbourne Executive PA Summit in May experienced such positive feedback that the well-received speaker, Simon Thewlis, will now be joining highly-qualified Executive Assistants in Sydney. Simon received 100% positive feedback for his keynote address in Melbourne and considered to be extremely relevant to Executive Assistants professional development.

Simon Thewlis is one of the most experienced and well known event producers. He will share some of the simple techniques for creating events that are very effective and that can create real change within organisations and their networks.

Sydney Masonic Centre to play host to Executive PA Summit 27th July 2023

The Sydney Masonic Centre, will not only play host to the day’s event but will provide catering, refreshments and networking beverages throughout the day. A world-class purpose-built event venue with 13 fully accessible multi-purpose spaces ranging from the majestic Marble Foyer, to the Grand Lodge tiered 600-seat auditorium and lavish Banquet Hall, to flexible conference rooms that are complemented by contemporary interiors, advanced audio-visual technology and enterprise class digital connectivity.

Nigel Colin will provide free access to the ‘Gap Hunter’ workshop

The Summit also invite guests to be one of the first to get a taste of Nigel Collin’s brand new ‘Gap Hunter’ course.

Nigel works with organisations and their leaders to draw the best from their people by shifting their mindsets and adopting a process of consistent small steps. His message is simple. Sustainable growth is ‘Game of Inches’ and not a one-off explosive moment.

Gap Hunter will..

1. empower you to consistently find and act on small profitable gaps that could make
the biggest difference for your work, organisation and career

2. help you create a mindset of growth for people around you, that sees the value in small changes

3. give you an achievable process that is simple, accessible and fast.

The Executive PA Summits are free for qualifying attendees. The Summits are designed to be small and provide access to quality professional connection and development. They are one-day events. Limited spaces available.

The Executive PA Summit Sydney is experiencing high-demand but we do still encourage Executive Assistants to apply.