Amanda Gore bringing feelings back to business at the Brisbane Summit

Amanda Gore will be joining us on the 9th October at Brisbane Showgrounds for the Brisbane Summit – the final Summit of 2018! As a communications and performance expert, Amanda believes success in business is always about feelings – the way we feel about a product, organization or how a person influences how we behave and informs our decisions about how we spend, or with whom we conduct business.

Taking the stance that business has been paralyzed by its own over-analysis, her presentations break down the barriers that separate people in an invigorating, action packed ride towards self-discovery and ultimately, real and lasting change.

Our summits are a free day of professional development for a qualified group. If you are an EA or PA who books events and is interested in professional and personal development click HERE to visit the registration page and send in your submission to attend.

More about Amanda:

Amanda Gore helps people reconnect to what really matters – the energy and emotional layers that really drive performance, innovation, relationships, engagement and creativity in business and life. If you want better leadership, team performance, customer service, sales or bottom line, Amanda can help. Her presentation will focus on how to change people’s behaviors, how to create environments in which people can be the best they can be and how to help people believe in themselves. Presented in an entertaining way that has the whole group interacting and involved Amanda will create an experience and skill base that changes the whole group dynamics of the day and that people will remember and talk about for years.

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