Accor Pacific VP Anne Gill – The All Meeting Planner loyalty programme for people who book events

Accor Pacific Vice President Sales and Commercial Distribution Anne Gill talks with Executive PA Media about the Accor’s loyalty programme for people who organise events for their businesses, such as executive assistants and why it’s such an attractive proposition

Three or four years ago Accor’s rewards offering was similar to other programmes, but its ability to add value for it’s loyalty members has grown over the past few years.

“The All (Accor Live Limitless) Meeting Planner programme is an extremely attractive proposition for event organisers because they accumulate points and status at a faster rate than an individual traveller.” Explained Anne Gill

“Meeting planners reach Platinum or Diamond status a lot faster because of the value of the events they are putting into our hotels.”

Although companies can benefit by having their event planners become members, it’s not the company signing up it’s the individual. “Loyalty is about the individual – the earn rate is quite lucrative.” She said.

Since AIME 2023 Anne Gill has taken up the role of Senior Vice President Commercial, Premium, Midscale and Economy, for Accor Pacific – taking leadership of the Accor Pacific commercial team. Renae Trimble has been promoted to Chief Executive Officer of Accor Plus, the Asia Pacific loyalty subscription program of Accor.