A world away from reality

This year, why not explore what lies beyond Sydney’s traditional venues?

Make your next event one to truly remember at The Star Sydney’s three luxury concept studios. Australia’s pre-eminent entertainment destination, your sojourn at the Studios will take you beyond the here and now to your very own private playground – whether you step into the sumptuous retro wonderland of the 70s Glam Studio, the sci-fi chic Cyberpunk Studio or thrillingly passionate Dark Romance Studio.

The Dark Romance Studio is a couple’s haven whereas the impressive Glam and Cyberpunk Studios offer an unprecedented experience, perfectly suited to product launches, special occasions or pre-function events for up to 25 guests.

Part-penthouse, part-suite, the Studios rise beyond the confines and provide a definite dash of opulence, attitude and showbiz. Each room is brought to life in exquisite detail by means of tomorrow’s technology and superior craftsmanship – and they’re all brimming with ways to play, from the latest in virtual reality gaming to a karaoke lounge.

The Studios are a world away from reality but carry all the benefits of The Star’s premium in-house services, with their dedicated staff and world-class catering.

Saturday Night Fever: 70s Glam Studio
For those looking for unapologetic extravagance, the 70s Glam Studio will transport guests back to the heady days of disco fever. Adorned in vibrant colours, mirrored walls, gold embellishments and glitter balls, the space brings to life the golden age of disco in a boogie wonderland of neon lights and dazzling decadence. Guests can sip champagne on a suspended velvet lounge, have a boogie on the dancefloor or channel their Diana Ross on the in-house karaoke system. So, dig out those sequins, pop on those bell-bottoms and book your event today.

Play Your Way: Cyberpunk Studio
Fast-forward to classic 80s sci-fi on your way to the digital age – the Cyberpunk Studio is every gamer’s haven. Complete with hanging chairs, virtual walls, blue mood lighting and neon halls, the Cyberpunk Studio is designed for maximum interactive action, wrapped up in space-age chic and ultra-luxury. With four gaming chairs reminiscent of the control deck on Star Trek, a wall of screens and a virtual reality chamber, it’s perfect for those wishing to host a gamers crew or corporate teambuilding activity.

International Love Affair: Dark Romance Studio
For a complete change of pace – and possibly a unique gift for the boss’ VIP corporate client – the Dark Romance Studio is the perfect backdrop for loved-up couples. It’s a lovers’ lair like no other, with a working fireplace, a completely private balcony for two, a king-sized four-poster bed and a bathroom with an oversized circular bath.

The new concept Studios at The Star are a welcome addition to The Star’s existing offering of world-class hotel suites and event venues, and are now available to book for your next function.